NCF Upholstery Services

Is your much loved furniture looking a little tired?
Then STOP help is at hand.

NCF offer a full upholstery service to meet all your needs including full recovers, new fillings and cushions, repairs and restoration. We provide a wide range of fabrics including a large selection of leather and vinyl.

It is often the case, especially with older furniture when things were built to last, that your comfortable, much loved, furniture is looking a little tired. Maybe the fabric has faded with the sun, maybe the fabric is a little worn or damaged, maybe the vinyl is hard and cracking or the leather faded ripped or damaged.

Re-upholstery is often a cost effective way of protecting your soft furnishings. Call NOW for your free consultation with one of our upholsterers who can discuss your requirements, talk you through our services and the upholstery process and provide you with your quote.


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