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Leather cleaning

  • Leather cleaningDo you have a leather suite?
  • Do you have a leather car interior?
  • How do you clean it?
  • Is it looking a little tired?
  • Has it lost some of its texture, feel and colour?

Then stop right there and call the experts now.

Grease, oils and dirt can bond with the surface of your leather, filling in the grains and dulling the colour. As you know these items are very expensive and you should take immediate steps to protect your investment and have it professionally and thoroughly cleaned now.

NCF Leather Cosmetics Ltd are a specialist team of professionally trained experts in leather cleaning and maintenance. We use the latest techniques and specialist formulae to leave your leather looking, feeling and smelling new.

You'll be amazed at the results we deliver, rejuvenating your leather furnishings.

We provide a fresh approach to our clients leather cleaning needs, covering leather chairs, sofas, settees, couches, cushions, footstools, car interiors and handbags.

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