Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaningKeeping the carpets in your property fresh, clean & in good repair is extremely important.

Not only is it important to the appearance of your property, but it is also essential to protecting one of your investments and the quality of your indoor environment.

There are 3 main reasons for cleaning your carpets;

Traffice Lines - Oily residuals & pollutants are attracted to the dirt gathered at the base of your carpet and coating the fibres, especially in heavily trafficked areas. These areas cause oxidative changes in color making the carpet look prematurely aged and worn.

Damage - This is the dirt & grit brought into your property / business and onto your carpet from outside. This dirt sits at the base of your carpet fibres and is often unseen. This dirt is damaging your fibers now and shortening the lifetime of your carpet.

Smell - Your carpet acts as a filter for your property, removing the odours and chemicals from the air. Eventually the filter fills leaving you, your colleagues, employees and your customers to breathe in the dust mites, pollen, debris, fungus, mould spoors, bacteria, pollutants and a long list of chemicals. All of these attribute to your carpet smelling stale and unpleasant.

At NCF Cleaning Group Ltd we are able to treat and restore all carpet types. Our professionally qualified Cleaning Consultants will asses your carpets and discuss the best treatments required to safely restore a like new appearance and feel. 


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