Choosing a carpet cleaner

Choosing a carpet cleanerChoosing a Carpet or Upholstery Cleaner is a difficult task. There are so many out there, just who do you choose.

To help you with your decision here are just a few considerations you should take into account.


  • There are two phrases to remember when you receive your quote from your Carpet Cleaner and they are; "You Pay Your Money, You Take Your Chances" and "In Life You Get what You Pay For"
  • It is human instinct to be tempted by the best deal no matter who you are or what your buying, whether it's Goods or a Service like Carpet Cleaning.
  • If you have seen an advert or a special offer or even received a quote that just seems too good to be true. STOP! It probably is.
  • You do generally "Get what you pay for " So if you've been offered a cheap quote then expect a quick clean. Consider will they thoroughly and professionally clean my carpet? Will they spend the necessary time to get the best results? Will they know the right treatments to best treat YOUR carpet?
  • If you want to ensure your carpets and upholstery are professionally cleaned and are not only left clean but fresh and safe then you need to consider paying that little extra for professionals.
  • Don't choose the cheapest quote, don't even choose the most expensive just choose who you consider will meet your expectations and offer you the best value.
  • Remember Price is just what you Pay - Value is what you Want!


  • Be wary of cheap over the phone quotes. Although they can give you a rough price how do they know what kind of carpet you have, how dirty it is and what techniques they will use.
  • Be careful that after booking your quotation is accurate and there are no hidden costs on completion.
  • Our quotation and recommendations are always discussed with our clients so they are completely aware of and satisfied with our cleaning techniques and processes.
  • Our quotes are priced per square foot or 30cm. Or based on an hourly rate depending how much furniture there is to move what techniques we employ etc.


  • Would you go to see a Doctor with no qualifications?
  • Would you let a surgeon operate on you if they weren't qualified?
  • Would you let anyone who isn't Gas Safe registered fix your Gas?
  • Then why would you let anyone without the relevant qualifications loose one your Carpets and soft furnishings.
  • The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) are the recognised industry
  • Ask for your Carpet cleaner's credentials and qualifications.


  • Whethern youv'e invested in your own, or you have hired a machine from your local hire shop or dry cleaners most Carpet cleaning machines will improve the look of your carpet.
  • However the reality is that they barely scratch the surface and the results are often short term.
  • The problem with such machines is that, whilst they distribute solution into the carpet and dislodge some of the dirt their jets just aren't powerful enough to get to the root of your Carpet Fibres. Secondly and most importantly they don't have sufficient suction (Air Flow) to remove the dirt they have just dislodged leaving a lot of dirt still attached to the Carpet fibres. The Suction is the most important part of the process and it is essential to have machines with the air flow capabilities to extract all of the dirt from your Carpet.
  • At NCF we employ industry leading, top of the range, Multi-Jet Twin Vacuum extraction units to ensure our client's carpets are not just left clean but fresh and safe.


  • Some carpet cleaners may come and give your carpet the quick once over but what do you really want?
  • Will they leave your carpet clean?
  • Will they leave your carpet dry?
  • Will they leave the carpets safe?
  • It is the attention to detail which sets professionally qualified Carpet cleaners apart from the rest. The little things that make all the difference and make the cleaning of your carpets and upholstery painless & trouble free

Peace of mind

  • Ask if your Carpet Cleaner is fully insured
  • Ask if they have a guarantee
  • At NCF we are fully insured against all the work we undertake up to £2 million. Each job carries a full satisfaction money back guarantee.
  • For Complete Peace of Mind call the experts and give your carpets the full NCF Treatment.

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